Sokil, Kolomyia
May 8 – June 8, 2022

Our Apartments, Houses, Cottages, Garages, Offices and Backyards.

After the 24th of February, millions of Ukrainians left their homes and became displaced persons. After four waves of labour migration and searching for a new place due to the occupation of Crimea and Donbas, Ukrainians finally seemed to be ready for a settled way of living. And while we decorate every place “from within” and “for ourselves”, it is that the houses are seen better from afar, and their facades can tell even more about our collective subconscious.

The workshop preceded the exhibition, where the artists, together with displaced persons and Kolomyia residents, recreated from their memories places where they used to live or where they stay now.

Workshop participants: 
Ania Sokolova (Myrnohrad), Anna Kuzmenko (Kyiv), Anton Hylko and Yevgen Kryshen (Bogdanivka), Dmytro Koronik (Borodianka), Kateryna Aliynyk (Luhansk/Kyiv), Maria Liukshyna (Kyiv), Marta Bazak (Kolomyia/Kyiv), Oksana Yashchuk (Kolomyia/Kyiv), Olga Malyshenko and Anton Vozniuk (Kyiv), Serhii and Kostiantyn Mykhailov (Kyiv), Svitlana and Oleksandr Ulianov (Myrnohrad), Viktor Korchynskiy (Kolomyia/Kyiv), Yurii Kruglov (Kolomyia), Yulia, Yurii and Dominika Mykhailiuk (Hostomel).